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Bong 18.8 Ice Twist

Bong 18.8 Ice Twist UK
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  • Bong 18.8 Ice Twist
  • Bong 18.8 Ice Twist
  • Bong 18.8 Ice Twist
  • Bong 18.8 Ice Twist
  • Bong 18.8 Ice Twist
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This is the Official Ice Twist Bong. This bong is definitely for the lovers of Ice Bongs, it even has a wee twist in the bong, this will allow the user of the bong to put in the bong. By putting Ice into your bong will give you nothing but cool and smooth hits time after time when using the bong. 

How to clean the bong

When it comes to cleaning the bong all you will need is Isopropyl Alcohol and some Fresh Water. Mix the two together into a jar, then pure the mixture into the bong and give it a good swirl in the base of the bong, this will remove any colouring and dried herbs that might be stuck to the side. Instead of throwing out the mixture, pour it back into the jar, place the bowl of the bong into the solution and leave it for an hour or so, this will give it a good cleaning. Then dry it with some paper towel.