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De Grizzly Originals™ VGrinder
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The Meraki

The word Meraki is from the modern Greek language and is used to define doing something with creativity, love and soul or putting “something of yourself” into your craft, which is exactly what the guys at Abraxian Glassware have done with this gorgeous beaker bong. This bong is handblown and made in the UK.

This hand blown bong is simply beautiful to look at, its elegant curves form a conical beaker base that not only looks exquisite but also functions to the highest standard. The bong comes in a beautifully packaged box and is lined with protective foam ensuring safe storage. The base is 13cm in diameter meaning it can hold a great volume of water which filters, purifies and cools the smoke before it reaches the ice notches where (if filled with ice) the smoke gets cooled even more for a smooth, filtered hit.

The 5mm borosilicate glass ensures it is a sturdy robust bong with a melting point of 820°C and the 14.5mm connector joint means anything broken can be easily replaced.  The front facing rush hole means that taking a hit is an enjoyable experience, no twisting your arms or resting on a table needed. This product is guaranteed by the Abraxian Legacy promise. .

Technical Specs

Manufacturer:                            Abraxian

Brand:                                        Abraxian Glassware

Bong Type:                                Beaker Bong

Material:                                     Borosilicate Glass

Height:                                       28cm

Base Diameter:                         13cm

Mouth Piece Diameter:            45mm

Wall Thickness:                        5mm

Bong Joint Size:                       18.8mm

Diffuser/Downstem Size:         Reducing male 18.8mm to Female 14.5mm

Diffuser/ Downstem Length:   13cm(130mm)

Bowl Joint Size:                        Male 14.5mm

Perculator:                                 No

Ice Notches:                              Yes

Carb Hole:                                 Yes

What's in the Kit


  • 1 X Abraxian Beaker Glass Bong

  • 1 X Abraxian Glass Reducing Diffuser

  • 1 X Abraxian Glass Bowl

  • 1 X Abraxian Glass Dabber

  • 1 X 4 Part Aluminium Grinder/Sifter- 55mm

  • 1 X Abraxian 4 Jet Flame Torch